Shelly Naz is a Bangladeshi poet. She completed her graduate studies in zoology as well as international community development and is currently a PhD student in Australia studying patriarchy in Bangladesh and the sexual commodification of the girl-child. She is a Deputy Director in the Ministry of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. Naz has published nine poetry collections. Her published volumes of poems include: নক্ষত্রখচিত ডানায় উড্ডীন হারেমের বাঁদি [Nakkhotro Khochito Danay Uddin Haremer Badi] [The Harem Slave Aloft on Star-Studded Wings] (2004), বিষাদ ফুঁড়ে জন্মেছি বিদ্যুতলতা [Bishad Furey Jonmechi Bidyutlata] [An Electric Vine, I Pierced Through Sadness at Birth] (2006), শেকলে সমুদ্র বাজে [Shekoley Samudra Bajey] [The Sea Resounds in Shackles] (2007), মমি ও মাধুরী [Momi o Madhuri] [The Mummy and Sweetness] (2009), চর্যার অবাধ্য হরিণী [Charjar Obadhyo Horini] [The Doe Disobedient to Rituals] (2009), সব চাবি মিথ্যে বলে [Shob Chabi Mithye Boley] [All Keys Lie] (2011), সূচের ওপর হাঁটি [Shucher Upor Hati] [I Walk on Needles] (2013), পুরুষসমগ্র [Purushsamagra] [Male] (2015), and কাটা জিভের গান [Kata Jibher Gaan] [The Song of the Severed Tongue] (2021). Naz’s poetry is feminist/confessional: She unmasks her personal experiences of patriarchy, and her verses manifest female sexual desire and deprivation which is largely unspoken in Bengali literature by female writers and poets. Her poetry has appeared in several anthologies and journals in Bangladesh and abroad, including in the UK, India, Nepal, and Ukraine.