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AzonaL's largest mission is to publish not only gorgeous translations, but those that champion under-served poets. Please do not send translations of work that has already been spread significantly to English readers (e.g., Neruda).

Submissions are welcomed over email to year-round. Send about 4 poems you have translated into English in a single file with the corresponding poems in their source language following each translation (DOC/DOCX preferred). The body of your email should contain a short cover letter with your bio (up to 200 words), the translated poet's bio (up to 200 words), and an assurance that you have been given the appropriate rights to translate and publish the translations in a magazine. Simultaneous submissions are permitted, and as soon as you know a poem/poems have been accepted elsewhere, email to withdraw them. Multiple submissions between issues are not allowed.

Publication will transpire online; there is no payment for contributors, but the transportability of the free, online format is meant to serve translators, poets, and the field.

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AzonaL is an online magazine of translated poetry. Begun in 2020 in Dallas, Texas, AzonaL washes across lines and limits, is earthly and untethered. The word "azonal" in English is geographic, of soils. Morphing/new. The magazine pushes forth writing that must be seen, now—in translation, which is itself creation.

Editor: Julia Leverone,
Cover art: Rachel Walter,