Adam J. Sorkin has published sixty-five books of contemporary Romanian literature in English. His recent books include, in 2020, three collections: A Spider’s History of Love by Mircea Cărtărescu (New Meridian Arts), translated with seven co-translators; Lavinia and Her Daughters (Eclogue) by Ioana Ieronim, translated with the author (Červená Barva Press); and The God’s Orbit (Orbita zeului) by Aura Christi, translated with Petru Iamandi (Mica Press). Sorkin’s versions of a selection of Emilian Galaicu-Păun’s poems, translated with Diana Manole, were honored with second prize in the 2017-18 John Dryden Translation Competition (UK), and his translation with Lidia Vianu of Sorescu’s last book, The Bridge (Podul), won The Poetry Society’s (UK) Popescu Prize for European Poetry Translation in 2005. Poems from The Bridge formed the basis of composer Michael Hersch’s libretto for his opera, On the Threshold of Winter. Forthcoming are Night with a Pocketful of Stones, poems by Traian T. Coșovei (mostly with Andreea Iulia Scridon), Talgarreg, Wales: Broken Sleep Books, and Dangerous Caprices (Capricii periculoase) by Nora Iuga (with Diana Manole), Naked Eye Publishing, 2022.