Yulia Idlis

Юлия Идлис (Yulia Idlis) is a Russian poet, journalist, screenwriter, and lecturer. One of the “first wave” poets who appeared on the literary scene at the beginning of the twenty-first century, she published two collections of her poetry: Сказки для (Tales For…) in 2003 and Воздух, вода (Air, Water) in 2005. She has also published a nonfiction book, Рунет. Сотворённые кумиры (Runet: Invented Idols), on the development of the Russian blogosphere. Her writing credits for the Russian screen include the television series Авантюристы (Adventurers) and Fartsa. Yulia holds degrees from Moscow State University and the Moscow Film School. She currently focuses on screenwriting and lives in Estonia.