Tania Ganitsky is a Doctor of Philosophy and Literature. In 2009 she won the National Poetry Contest of the Universidad Externado de Colombia and in 2014 she received the Premio Nacional de Poesía Obra Inédita with her first book: dos cuerpos menos (two bodies fewer) (2015). She published Cráter (Crater), coauthored with the artist José Sarmiento, in 2017. Desastre lento (Slow Disaster) (2018 and 2019) was among five finalists nominated for the National Poetry Prize given by the Ministry of Culture in 2019. La suspensión de los objetos flotantes (The Suspension of the Floating Objects) (2020), with illustrations by Ana María Lozano and published by Cardumen, is her most recent poetry collection. She is the co editor of La trenza, a fanzine of illustrations, essays, and poetry written by Colombian women and she gives courses and poetry workshops in several universities in Bogotá.