Shilyh Warren

Shilyh Warren is an associate professor of Film Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas. Her first book, Subject to Reality: Women and Documentary (University of Illinois Press, 2019), examines two key periods in the history of women’s documentary filmmaking: the 20s – 40s and the 1970s. Her academic writing has also appeared in journals such as Signs, Camera Obscura, and South Atlantic Quarterly. Warren previously earned a Ph.D. in literature and a certificate in feminist studies from Duke University as well as an M.A. in comparative literature from Dartmouth College. A sometimes curator, Shilyh has also presented feminist film programs in Durham, Dallas, and New York City. She spends her summers in Gijón, Spain where she first encountered Lamela Rey’s poetry and was inspired to translate her chapbook, La exhibicionista (The Exhibitionist).