Sean Manning

Sean Manning has translated numerous literary texts including Eduardo Lalo’s The Elements (Intemperie), Azahara Palomeque’s American Poems (Coolgrove Press, 2020), and Carlos Pereda’s Lessons in Exile (Los aprendizajes del exilio) (Brill, 2018). His translations have also appeared in Asymptote Journal and Exchanges. He is currently working on Carlos Pereda’s most recent book Destrucciones y pensamiento nómada (Destructions and Nomadic Thought); Lorenzo García Vega’s Cetrería del títere (Falconry with Puppets); and several essays by Ricardo Piglia, Ana Camblong, Diego Vecchio, and Daniel Attala for a volume dedicated to the Argentine writer Macedonio Fernández. He is a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, where he received his PhD in Spanish and Latin American Literature. He teaches courses on language, literature, and writing.