Marta Lo Brano

Marta Lo Brano is a Sardinian poet and artist. After a degree in foreign languages (Spanish and Arabic), she left Sardinia to study dramatic arts in Rome and later at Nouveau Cirque in Bologna. Personal choices led her to Barcelona, where she lived for two years until she obtained a scholarship for a performing arts project in Denmark; there, she started experimenting with how to free one’s inner voice. “My work with words,” states the poet, “goes hand in hand with my studies in voice. Also thanks to my encounter with the Linklater and Roy Hart methods, I have experimented with how to free one when the other is trapped: the word, even when pronounced in the secret silence within us, is capable of communicating sound; and the voice, even when whispered intimately and made of thoughts, bears within it the power of life.” She is currently living in Berlin. “Mie insondabili tutte” is the product of ten years of soul searching.