Marie-Claire Bancquart

Marie-Claire Bancquart (1932 – 2019) was a French poet, novelist, and literary critic. She lived in Paris and was a professor emerita of contemporary French literature at the Sorbonne. Author of over thirty collections of poetry and several novels, she was the recipient of numerous prizes, including the Prix Supervielle, the Prix Max Jacob, and the Prix Robert Ganzo. Her work is anthologized in Rituel d’emportement (Ritual of Rage, 2002), Toute minute est première (Each Minute Is the First, 2019), and Terre énergumène et autres poèmes (Possessed Ground and Other Poems, 2019). A colloquium on Bancquart’s poetry was held in Cerisy-la-Salle, France, in 2011 and was subsequently published by Peter Lang with the title Dans le feuilletage de la terre (In the Foliage of the Earth).