Luís José Junqueira Freire, better known as Junqueira Freire (December 31, 1832 – July 24, 1855) was obligated by family to join the order of Saint Benedict. Freire tolerated that for a time because he could read, write poetry, and teach. He demanded his secularity in 1853 and received it a year later. In his brief time out in the world again he released an autobiography and a book of verse, Inspirações do claustro (“Cloister Inspirations”). Aside from discussing the horrors of celibacy, his works had abolitionist traits and spurred a new romantic movement in Brazil. Freire was one of the first poets in Brazil to write homoerotic verse. He died from a heart ailment that had plagued him since childhood. When the Academia Brasileira de Letras was formed, he was named patron of its 25th chair.