Kim Min Jeong

Kim Min Jeong was born in 1976, in Incheon. She majored in creative writing at Choongang University for both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She made her literary debut with the Munyae Choongang’s New Writers Award in 1999. She has published the poetry collections 날으는 고슴도치 아가씨 (Flying Porcupine Lady), 그녀가 처음, 느끼기 시작했다 (For the First Time, That Woman Feeling), 아름답고 쓸모없기를 (Beautiful and Useless), and the prose collection 각설하고, (Anyways,). She is also the recipient of the Park In Hwan Literary Award and Contemporary Poetry Award and is the Poetry Editor for Korea’s largest publishing house, Munhakdongne.