Iulia Militaru

Iulia Militaru is the Editor-in-Chief of frACTalia Press and InterRe:ACT magazine. After a few children’s books and her study “Metaphoric, Metonymic: A Typology of Poetry,” her first poetry collection Marea Pipeadă (The Great Pipe Epic) was published in 2010, receiving two major awards in Romania. Dramadoll, co-authored with Anca Bucur and Cristina Florentina Budar, is part of a larger poetry/graphic art/video/sound project; a part of this video project (“Images of the day number 8,” directed by Cristina Florentina Budar) was selected for Gesamt 2012 (“DISASTER 501: What Happened to Man?”), a project coordinated by Lars von Trier and directed by Jenle Hallund. Her collection of experimental poetry Confiscarea bestiei (o postcercetare) (The Seizure of the Beast. A Post-research) was published by frACTalia Press in 2016. She has published poems and digital collages in MAINTENANT, A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art #9, #10, and #11. Her art exhibit “The Path. Filling-in Abstract Forms: Overwriting Barnett Newman” opened in 2016 in Iowa City at Public Space One. In 2016, she was also featured at the third annual Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest.