Fabiano Alborghetti (www.fabianoalborghetti.ch) is a leading intellectual in Italian Switzerland and one of its foremost poets. He is President of the Casa della Letteratura per la Svizzera italiana. Aside from collaborating with various publishing houses, he has been the artistic director (both for Switzerland and Italy) of the poetry festival PoesiaPresente. From 2014 to 2020 he was on the board of the Babel Festival and from 2017 to 2019 he was on the board of directors of AdS (Swiss Writers Association). He also collaborated with the Fondazione Sasso Corbaro for the Medical Humanities, linking literature and medical care practices. From 2014 to 2017 he was Editor in Chief of the poetry journal Atelier. His other works include: Verso Buda (Toward Buddha) (LietoColle, 2004), L’opposta riva (The Opposite Shore) (ibid, 2006), lugan paradiso (lugan paradise) (pulcinoelefante, 2008), and Ruota degli esposti (Wheel of Exhibits) (edizioni fuoridalcoro, Mendrisio, 2008).